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Youtube viral marketing star wars

youtube viral marketing star wars

2012 has the Institute for Human Continuity, an organization dedicated to preserving the human race and society in the face of the inevitable apocalypse predicted to happen in the year 2012.
A third, "Athena Astronautics which advertised sending women into space, offered job positions for bounty hunters - 25 people who replied to the offer received a copy of Echoes as an "interactive training manual".
Heroes has an appropriately sparse website for the Primatech Paper Company, and a sleeker, more elaborate page on Pinehearst Research.
Pushing Daisies has an in-character example of how not to do this, with a character who runs in and shouts about the candy store that opened up across the street, and then denies that he works there, saying "I'm just some guy.Warning: a potential spoiler lies ahead.Until the announcer suddenly starts introducing Muppet characters halfway through, and Segal (in-character) stops the trailer to break the fourth wall and ask if this is a Muppet film!In the third phase, Mark set to sea in search of Rapture himself.(It goes without saying that Trent Reznor has not had friendly relationships with his record labels over the years.) The amount of information and popularity zazzle gutschein 2018 of the ARG was enough that a wiki was set up for it just to document it all.That level of attention dwarfs the engagement seen by leading brands on, including: GoPro (565,782 average views per video Coca Cola (267,849 BMW (132,478 GE (45,136 and even the new owner of the Star Wars franchise, Disney (7,976).Fans who wrote Mark a letter at the posted address could receive swag such as records of Rapture's anthem, and particularly interesting fan letters were posted on the website as correspondence received by Mark.

Western Animation Edit The infamous January 31, 2007 Boston bomb scare consisted of LED signs featuring Mooninites to advertise the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.
This caused Memetic Mutation where talking about any hyped game meant you were a "viral marketer".
After all, sometimes an artist needs to get back to the basics and clear his head.
Viral globetrotter köln dav rabatt marketing techniques usually rely on making something entertaining that people will want to share and subject.
Nowadays /v/ will accuse you of viral marketing for trying to talk about any game at all, even if they're free to play or over a decade old.One of its more intricate endeavors is a rendition of the Liberty Tree online news website for Grand Theft Auto III, which not only updated monthly with new "news reports" over the course of 2001, but also revealed snippets of the game's backstory in the.The game was criticised in its later acts for failing to effectively tie into the show, though it did finally lay to rest what the infamous "numbers" mean.At the end, one such event led fans to the Bioshock 2 launch party.The official trailer was even credited as Green With Envy' Movie Trailer and seems to focus on a pair of star-crossed lovers.