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Most fossils do not contain Carbon so Carbon 14 radiometric dating can not be used to date a fossil that does not indian aunties dating Carbon. Carbon 14 has a half life of only 5, years.

There is not enough Carbon 14 left to used for radioactive dating.

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Few fossils are thought to be younger than 57, years. All other forms of radioactive dating are based on the radioactive decay of igneous rocks.

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Only a very few cases of fossils being found in igneous rocks are known. The vast majority of fossils are found in sedimentary rocks.

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Radioactive dating can not be used to date sedimentary rocks. Lava flows from active volcanos in Hawaii have given dates as old as 27 million years. Radioactive material free lesbeen sex be eroded away changed by heat and chemical reactions.

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When the radioactive date contradicts the relative age as determined by the fossils the fossil date is always considered dating tips and ideas be the better value. No geologist uses radioactive dating to do more than confirm dates established by the fossils using Darwin's theory of descent with modification.

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What advantage does radiometric dating have over relative dating? David Drayer.

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Jun 8, Explanation: radiometric dating can not be used to date fossils. Related questions Why does carbon 14 undergo radioactive decay?

What is the difference between relative dating and radiometric dating

How can half-life be described in terms of radioactive decay? What are some examples of radioisotopes?

What are radioisotopes? What is half-life?

Absolute dating

What is radioactive carbon dating? How can carbon 14 be used in biology?

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How can carbon 14 be used to date organic material? How carbon 14 dating is done?

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How does carbon 14 decay? See all questions in Radioactive Carbon Dating. Impact of this question views around the world. You can reuse this answer Creative Commons.

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